Team Valley Tuning offering Diagnostics Remapping Servicing and Remap Repairs

TvT not only remap your car all diagnostics are done before to make sure you get the best from our custom remap!Learn More
With more and more people offering cheap remapping we have seen an increase in Remapping Recovery not only do we restore your ECU to factory settings we can also install a custom remap guaranteed to work properly with your car.Learn More
Car are more advanced than ever and most manufacturers are moving to online diagnostics here at TvT we can diagnose and update the software of your car direct from manufacturers over the internet.Learn More
Most new cars come with EGR and DPF fitted. DPF filters can be removed to give better performance and economy while EGR can also be removed and diagnosed.Learn More

Team Valley Tuning Keeps you on the road.

TvT makes it quick, easy and affordable to keep you on the road, custom remapping to get you along the road faster, diagnostics to get you back on the road and servicing to keep you safe. Take control of your car.

Now offering full remapping recovery and repair

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Full Online Diagnostics and Software Updates

With most manufacturers making diagnostics internet based here at TvT we offer the same diagnostics you would get at dealers without the price

DPF and EGR Removal

We can remove your DPF and EGR. No more expensive bills to replace or for regeneration.

Servicing at realistic pricing

Servicing your car is just as important as putting fuel in it...

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Dutch supercar maker has bankruptcy order overturned

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Porsche Classic video teases hot new Cayman

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The worst red-light runners of 2014

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TvT Offered Services!

TvT: Northeast’s #1 Dealer Diagnostics and Remapping specialist.

With an ever growing Customer Base, TvT is the most competative and trusted independant garage.